In academia, pursuing knowledge is an ongoing and lifelong journey that can take unexpected turns and lead to exciting new avenues. This is my story as a professional who transitioned from being a radiologic technologist to a recognized educator and leader in health information management.

My journey began in 2006 with earning my Associate of Applied Science in Radiography with high honors from Wilbur Wright College. Wright College played a phenomenal role in my academic and career journey. The quality education I received was the foundation for my academic success and shaped my career growth. The faculty, Professors Dennis King and Karen Jefferies, provided the academic rigor for understanding both the theory and practice of radiography.

Subsequently, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences from Midwestern State University. The defining moment came in 2020; I earned a Master of Science in Health Informatics from the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC), heralding a new chapter in my academic journey.

With over a decade and a half of experience in the radiology department, including working in Saudi Arabia, I have used my knowledge to drive improvements and educational programs, particularly in quality improvement processes. My passion for teaching led to my current position as an assistant professor at Rush University, College of Health Sciences, Department of Medical Imaging.

My commitment to professional development is not limited to my career. My journey is about professional and personal growth and sharing my knowledge with the wider academic community. As a mentor in the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) Student to Leadership Development Program, I guide mentees towards establishing meaningful career goals and exploring diverse paths in radiologic sciences. I guide students to believe in themselves and remain humble and focused. Education is a game changer.

I continue to build a successful career in health information management, demonstrating how one can merge technical and clinical skills with a passion for education and quality improvement. I am currently pursuing my doctorate in biomedical and health informatics at the University of Illinois Chicago. My journey from a Radiologic Technologist to a Registered Health Information Management Professional and instructor highlights the transformative power of education and how individuals can use their expertise to shape the future of healthcare and education. Wilbur Wright College was the game changer for me, the underpinning of my success.