Aaron Zabrinas

Aaron Zabrinas is well on his way to his goal of becoming a lawyer that advocates for vulnerable populations.

After graduating from high school in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and trying out some classes at a local community college, Aaron decided he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do and wasn’t ready for college.

He moved to Chicago and started working at the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD), mainly in warehouse positions, working his way up to supervisor. For 11 years, Aaron saw food insecurity up close, and thought about how he might be able to help. He decided to go back to school, and found the ABA-approved paralegal program at Wright College.

“I started taking classes during the pandemic, so I am in the somewhat strange position of preparing to graduate with my associate degree without ever spending much time on campus – all my classes have been online,” he explained.

When working full-time and going to school full-time in the midst of a pandemic became too stressful, Aaron left his job at the GCFD. Luckily, one of his paralegal classmates alerted him to a job opportunity at the law firm she worked at – which is where Aaron now works full-time as a paralegal.

Aaron received HEERF funds while at Wright, which helped him pay for tuition and groceries. He is also a semi-finalist for the prestigious Jack Kent Cooke Transfer Scholarship – which would pay up to $55k for him to complete his bachelor’s degree when he graduates with his Associate in Applied Science with a focus in paralegal studies in May of 2022.

Ultimately, Aaron wants to become a lawyer, helping those who need it most.