Harold Washington College's Class of 2022 Valedictorian

Nathan Vogler returned to school at Harold Washington College after over 10 years since his last formal education experience. Nathan showed his determination through hard work and was the recipient of the Presidential Scholar honor for five consecutive semesters. He also joined the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and was awarded a scholarship through the Wright College Chapter of the Cook County College Teacher’s Union Local 1600. He was honored once again when he was named valedictorian of the Harold Washington Class of 2022.

During his time at Harold Washington, Nathan built his curriculum to ensure he would be able to enter a Chicago nursing program. He has been accepted to Oak Point University in Wicker Park and plans to attend the school beginning in the Fall of 2022. His current plans are to continue his education after acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in dietetics and nutrition. However, he remains open to possibly altering that path as new experiences show their face.

Nathan believes that his path leads to being of service to the people in his community and advocating for their health. His hope is to make a difference in their abilities to live a healthy and fulfilling life one day at a time.