If you’re a Harold Washington College student who wants to transfer to a four-year institution, chances are you know Transfer Center Director Ellen Goldberg. Students at any of the six other City Colleges may know her from one of the non-traditional student college fairs she has hosted, or her annual Transfer-mation Leadership Conference, which helps students prepare for the transition to a four-year institution. Her tireless support of student success has helped students transfer to colleges and universities across the city and across the country – and she is always happy to tout the success of those “rockstar” students.

Some of those “rockstar” students include Daniela Zuniga Benitez, who graduated from HWC in Spring 2017 and is now continuing her education at Elmhurst College having received a full scholarship. Donggyun Woo also worked with Ellen as he planned to transfer, and is now continuing his studies at Columbia University in New York. And Olayinka Stephen Fadowole took advantage of an opportunity to transfer directly to the UIC Doctor of Pharmacy program, shaving 1.5 years off the path to his Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

When asked what tips she would give students about transferring, Ellen says “If you have a 3.5 GPA, you can go anywhere. Start with your end goal in mind, then work your way backwards. And dream big! Apply to schools that are in-state and out-of-state. You never know if you will get in if you don’t apply!”

Ellen and the Transfer Center Director at each City College work with students to determine their dream school, help them apply and seek out funding, set up college tours, schedule visits from four-year destinations, and host alumni panels. Ellen stops at nothing to help support students who want to continue their education after they complete their program at CCC.

Want to learn more about the transfer services at Harold Washington College or any of the other City Colleges? Visit www.ccc.edu/transfer.