By the time Fatima Asadi moved to the United States, she had already lived in Indonesia, and before that Iran, where she was born to parents from Afghanistan.

When she moved to Chicago with her parents and one of her older brothers, her first priority was to practice her English and earn her GED – college was always in her plan. In fact, ever since she was little, she was fascinated by dentistry. Now an Adult Education student at Malcolm X College, she is getting ready for her next step.

Fatima, who was not allowed to study in Indonesia as an immigrant, values the education she is getting at Malcolm X College. She has prepared for her GED, and has already been introduced to healthcare classes through the Career Bridge Program. This fall, she will take her first credit classes with the help of the Gateway Program, which pays 50 percent of her tuition for four terms. Once she completes her associate degree at Malcolm X, Fatima plans to transfer on to continue her education and eventually become a dentist.