Dr. Oliver Pergams is an associate professor of biology whose passion for his field and his students is obvious.

He encourages his students to care about the world around them, he is a champion of our college wetlands, he created and is the advisor for the environmental club, has been a STEM scholarship mentor, and recently designed a new course in zoology. Most importantly, he instills in his students a drive to find their own purpose in life. In addition to the supports he offers in the classroom, Dr. Pergams provides students with mentoring and assistance with choosing classes, deciding on a major, or determining a career path.

One of his students says, “he’s helped me (and many others, I’m sure) find the confidence to pursue the things I really love in the same way he loves his work.”

Another says, “Dr. Pergams truly loves his job, and it shows. His brilliance in the field of biology has distinguished him with awards and opportunities others dream of, but he spends his time sharing his knowledge and good heart with students.”

Not all of his students will go on to study or pursue careers related to biology, but they will go on with greater confidence in their pursuits, and an example of what it looks like to be truly passionate about your career.