Dr. Ramirez is a fantastic example of a professor who cares about her students and who wants to instill in them a confidence and determination that will serve them well at Daley and beyond.

Before Dr. Ramirez started teaching at Daley College, she had a career as a mechanical engineer, which offers her students a first-hand example of someone who has achieved success in a STEM field. She is involved on campus, organizing Engineering Week activities, advising the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and in service to the community, including organizing care packages for Hurricane Maria victims.

One of Dr. Ramirez’s students says, “she is always available when students ask for help, whether it’s for homework, classwork, a project, or personal issues, she makes the time for us and she doesn’t let us give up.”

And her support for her students isn’t limited to academics – she cares about them and encourages them to aim high. As one of her students says, “she makes us realize that we are a lot smarter than we know, and even if we don’t see it because of certain environmental, socioeconomic, or other factors, we really do have the potential to make it far.”

In the spring of 2018, Dr. Ramirez received the faculty/staff Luminary Award at Daley College.