Bryn Horton has taken his challenges, converted them into inspiration, and made them the fuel with which he serves others. Bryn lost his sight to gun violence in 2013. His painstaking recovery required 15 surgeries in less than a year. Physical therapy lasted long after that.

Bryn has taken his experience and used it to give himself new focus and purpose. He is on his way to becoming a physical therapist so he can help others who need help as they move on from physical injuries.

Bryn utilized Lighthouse Chicago and the Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education to learn how to move through the world in a new way, to re-learn how to read, write, cook, and type. Once Bryn learned braille, he was eager to help others. Now, when he’s not in class, studying, or getting help at the Academic Resource Center at Malcolm X, he is teaching braille to others. He works with children who were either born blind or have lost their vision, and veterans who are seeking to learn braille.

Anyone who has encountered Bryn in the halls of Malcolm X College will tell you what a positive outlook he has. As Jeff Min, a tutor in the Academic Resource Center says, “Despite all the adversity he’s faced, he’s managed to not only excel in his studies, but help his community in the process. More than anything, it’s his positive attitude and willingness to learn that has made him a model student and citizen.”

Many students have obstacles to overcome as they work to achieve their academic goals at CCC, and Bryn is a shining example of someone who not only faces challenges head on, but does it with a quiet determination and a smile for everyone he encounters.