More than 400 Chicago Public Schools graduating seniors from 16 schools are ready to begin their Fall 2024 semester at one of the seven City Colleges of Chicago.

These students traveled to City Colleges with their high schools for Enrollment Days. This year marked the third year where CPS seniors receive hands-on support completing their City Colleges application, explore programs, register for courses, tour the campus, learn about campus resources, meet with future classmates and take home college swag.

Enrollment Days ran May 13 through 17 at all seven City Colleges of Chicago. This week reflects one of the many initiatives under The Chicago Roadmap, an unprecedented partnership between CPS and CCC to support students along a seamless path to and through college on the way to their chosen career.  The partnership aims to transform the relationship of CPS and CCC to help expand access to high quality programs, advising and supports as well as increase student outcomes in college readiness, enrollment, persistence, degree attainment, and employment.

While CPS graduation rates continue to increase, now at 85.6%, many of Chicago’s students still face barriers to college enrollment, college readiness, college completion, and economic mobility. As part of improving access to college, the Chicago Roadmap also covers the cost of transportation to CCC during Enrollment Days.

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