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The City Colleges of Chicago Foundation (CCCF) is celebrating and recognizing the outstanding achievements of graduates from City Colleges of Chicago. Among them, four valedictorians and salutatorians were supported by a City Colleges of Chicago Foundation (CCCF) scholarship. Their dedication and hard work propelled them to graduate at the top of their class.

The City Colleges of Chicago Foundation provides scholarships to support students pursuing a certificate or degree at City Colleges of Chicago. With a CCCF scholarship, students who might struggle with tuition can focus on their classes and continue to work toward their academic goals.

“The scholarship provided me with a lifeline. It relieved the financial burden, allowing me to breathe a little easier and focus more on my studies without the constant weight of debt looming overhead. It was a pivotal moment where I regained a sense of direction and hope for the future,” said Adam Moine, Salutatorian Class of 2024, Wright College.

As we continue to celebrate these exceptional students, we also celebrate our donors and supporters who’s generosity has made CCCF scholarships possible. Together we are empowering City College students and paving the way for every student to succeed regardless of their financial barriers.

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