The Illinois Board of Higher Education has made a significant investment in nursing education in the state. Seventy-six Illinois nurse educators, including two from Malcolm X College, have received fellowships totaling $760,000.

Malcolm X College nursing instructor Ines Guillen and Associate Professor Dawn Wilson each received a $10,000 fellowship which can be used for professional development, continuing education, and nursing program enhancements like simulation training, development of innovative curriculum, research, and more. The money can also be earmarked for earning advanced degrees and attending conferences.

These fellowships are aimed at retaining highly qualified nursing faculty at Illinois colleges, which in turn will lead to the training of more qualified nurses in the state, addressing the state’s healthcare workforce needs.

Malcolm X College offers both Basic Nursing Assistant (BNA) and Associate in Applied Science in Nursing programs. The college also recently announced an expansion to the South Side of the city, including an associate degree in nursing and a licensed practical nursing program operated by Malcolm X College at Kennedy-King College. Learn more about the nursing program here.