Kendall Ricks

Governor J.B. Pritzker declared April as Illinois Community College Month. Throughout the month, we highlighted members of the City Colleges community who make the community so vibrant – from our dedicated students and accomplished alumni to our esteemed faculty and supportive staff.

Maria Garcia

Discover firsthand why they chose City Colleges for studying, learning, teaching, and fostering student success:

“I chose Wright College because the flexible class schedule allowed me to be a part-time student and full-time employee,” said Wright College student Kendall Ricks. “Now, I’m completing the mechanical engineering program at Wright and transferring to Illinois Tech.”

“City Colleges gave me everything I needed to succeed—access to work, apprenticeships, places to study, and a program that taught me everything I needed to know,” said Maria Garcia.

Dr. Sherece Thompson

Maria is a Truman College alumna and a current Google Cloud architect at Accenture.

“It’s rewarding to see the growth, confidence, and determination of students to complete a goal or achieve a dream,” said Malcolm X College Dental Hygiene Professor Dr. Sherece Thompson.

Dave Breedlove

“When I’m working with students who are pursuing their high school diplomas, many aren’t sure of what college opportunities they have,” Associate Dean of Adult Education at Daley College Dave Breedlove said. “I can help them see those options because I’ve been there too.”

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