Senior Director of Medical Assisting at Malcolm X College Christine Dzoga is now the chair of a new team created by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA).

Alongside 19 other team members, Christine is tasked with helping the AAMA improve medical assisting programs and assist program directors across the country. She was selected based on her almost 25 years of experience and her background of teaching and working with diverse populations. That background, as well as her own experiences, are driving her recommendations for changes to the AAMA.

High on Christine’s list is a recommendation that the AAMA offer accrediting tests to future medical assistants in other languages. Because English is her second language, she understands that medical assistants need strong English skills to communicate with patients but also recognizes it can be a challenge to translate all the answers into English from their native language during a timed test. Christine believes this change could increase the number of medical assistants across the country.

“As we strive for greater diversity in healthcare, we need to ensure certain groups are included by giving them opportunity to get certified,” she said.

As a Malcolm X employee, Christine believes the college is excelling in its diversity and inclusion efforts in the healthcare space. She wants to bring that to other schools and programs across the country while working with AAMA. She’s also looking forward to making connections with other medical assisting program leaders to share ideas and knowledge from her years in the field. It’s a way for Christine to mentor others, as she says that Malcolm X President David Sanders and Senior Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Roy Walker have mentored her.

In addition to her work with AAMA, Christine is now a board member for the Medical Assisting Evaluation and Review Board (MEARB). In this role, she will help shape medical assisting programs at other colleges, serve as a liaison for other medical assisting programs nationwide, help set guidelines and keep medical assisting programs standardized, as well as visit other colleges as a site surveyor.

Christine Dzoga began her career as a medical assistant almost 25 years ago. After completing her program, she began teaching at her alma mater and became the medical assisting program director over two campuses. Once her alma mater closed, Christine accepted an adjunct position at City Colleges. Soon after, she became the Medical Assisting Coordinator at Malcolm X College, building the college’s program, writing its curriculum, and taking it through accreditation. She currently serves as the Senior Director of Medical Assisting at Malcolm X College.