Cover image of 2023 annual update

2023 was a year of momentum for City Colleges of Chicago. As our seven colleges experienced enrollment gains that exceeded both state and national averages, we introduced new resources to help students succeed both in and out of the classroom. We also developed new programs to prepare them for careers in the country’s fastest-growing industries.

Those accomplishments are more are outlined in our annual update, Forward Focused, Community Centered: 2023 in Review.

The new report highlights several programs, pathways, partnerships, and student stories from across our colleges that embodied our momentous year. These initiatives were forward focused, while staying true to our roots as a community-centered system of seven colleges.

For Olive-Harvey College alumnus James Curry, 2023 was a year of progress, as he graduated from the college’s One Year and Out program and seamlessly transitioned to the Chicago Police Academy as a CPD recruit.

Photo of CCC student
James Curry

“City Colleges actually wants to see people succeed,” James said. “That’s why, when I go off to complete the Chicago Police Academy, I’m going to come back and let people know this is the place to be. If you want a good education and want to prosper in life, this is the place to be.”

For Harold Washington College student Dayana Centeno, it was a year of personal and professional growth, as she utilized services from the Wellness Center to support her mental health.

“The mental health services at City Colleges are amazing,” Dayana said. “Even when I was doing fine, counseling was such a great way to be introspective.”

Learn more about how students like James and Dayana found success in 2023 in our new report. To read Forward Focused, Community Centered: 2023 in Review, please click here.