Students have all been offered jobs with Rivian, starting pay begins at $50,000+ with great benefits.

On November 17, 2023, Olive-Harvey College (OHC)  celebrated its first students graduating from the Rivian Technical Trades program after five months of study and hands-on paid training.

The students have graduated as technicians from OHC and a have  accepted positions with Rivian as automotive technicians.

“I was surprised that City Colleges was offering such an awesome program. It seemed too good to be true. What? I’m going to get paid to work on thesVincent Mathis proudly displays his OHC and Rivian training certificates. After five months of paid hands-on training, Vincent is now a full time EV Technician with Rivian.e cars?” said Vincent Mathis, a Rivian Technical Trades program student. “It’s all true and now after the training, I’m completely confident that I can repair these cars. I’m excited to be working full-time as a new technician for Rivian and I look forward to my career future.”

“Helping students find career paths that meet their life goals is what we do at Olive-Harvey College,” said Dr. Kimberly Hollingsworth, president of Olive-Harvey College. “It made great sense to partner with Rivian because they value our diverse student body and the excellent skillset our students offer employers. Our students are thrilled that after five months of doing the work they can now begin their exciting careers. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, especially our students.”

The Rivian Technical Trades program offered at Olive-Harvey College provides an opportunity for individuals to grow their careers in the skilled trades. During their 5 months in the program, Technicians learn the latest electric vehicle technologies inside the classroom and put those theories into practice with hands-on training in school as well as at a local service center. Upon successful completion Tech Trades Technician shave the opportunity to become a Rivian Service Technician. This graduation day signifies the successful completion of the program and all five of the students have been hired by Rivian.

“It was important that our students received a scholarship for this course that demanded they be full-time, and Rivian awarded each student with a full scholarship of $2,000 and  also paid them while they learned. For this fact and their work culture, I’m grateful for the Rivian partnership and I congratulate each student for their achievement,” said Cheryl Freeman, dean of Career and Continuing Education, Transportation, Distribution & Logistics at Olive-Harvey College.

The class is now accepting new applicants and pays student apprentices $26 an hour while they learn.

For more information on the program offered through OHC, the public should call Olive-Harvey College: 773-291-6656.

Olive-Harvey College is located on the southeast side of Chicago and  includes the South Chicago Learning Center (the college’s satellite campus). It is the Center of Excellence in transportation, distribution, and logistics, and opened a state-of-the art Transportation, Distribution and Logistics (TDL) Training Center in 2019. The TDL Center supports students as they pursue degrees and certificate programs in several fields, including: supply chain management and logistics; commercial driving; forklift operation; and automotive, diesel and aviation maintenance and technology. Olive-Harvey College is also leading the efforts as the first cannabis vocational training program in the city of Chicago.