September 28 – Today, Excelencia in Education announced the Wright College Engineering Pathway Program as an Example of Excelencia for its intentional, culturally relevant, evidence-based practices tailored to Latinx students and their communities.

The Engineering Pathway at Wright College aims to make all students thrive in engineering and computer science, especially Black, Latinx, and female underrepresented students. Specifically, the program equips Latinx students with holistic support and individualized attention to accelerate their success in pursuing and completing an associate or bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science. The pathway expands diversity in engineering by increasing enrollment, transfer, bachelor’s degree completion, and job placement of underrepresented students, especially Latinx.

“We are more grateful to Excelencia in Education for taking note of our Center of Excellence in Engineering and Computer Science. It’s all about expanding access and success for underrepresented students in this high demand field,” said President David Potash, Wilbur Wright College. “The program fulfills the dreams of our students and is sure to transform the workplace by creating a diverse community.”

Earlier this semester, two City Colleges programs were named as finalists for this recognition: the Wright College Engineering Program and the Community Health Worker Program at Arturo Velasquez Institute, Daley College’s satellite site.

Learn more about this achievement here.

Wright College also earned the prestigious Seal of Excelencia in 2021.