Wright College

Textbooks and access codes for online educational content are becoming an increasing burden on college students, according to a 2021 study from the United States Public Interest Research Group, and Wright College is doing something about it. Through a grant-funded initiative, Wright College Humboldt Park has provided free computer science textbooks to students, with a book giveaway value of over $10,000.

“So far, we have supplied students with more than 100 books, all of which cost at least $100. This means that we have saved students $10,000 on books alone – and we still have books left to give away,” said Sean Carey, interim associate dean of instruction at the Wright College Humboldt Park campus.

Students who received the books expressed gratitude about having one less college cost to worry about. “This is a tremendous opportunity to have help with books – it is so awesome,” said Wright College Humboldt Park student Bety J.

Students who register for computer science courses this fall or spring at the Wright College Humboldt Park location are eligible and should contact Associate Dean Sean Carey at scarey7@ccc.edu to learn more about the book giveaway.