Left a Four-Year College

Saber left his four year college and began working.

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Enrolled at Wright

Saber's father encouraged him to enroll at Wilbur Wright College.

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Discovered a Work-Based Learning Opportunity

Wright opened up many doors for Saber, including one that led to a part-time job in his field.

Wilbur Wright College alumnus Saber Garibi is pursuing a lucrative career in engineering as a student at Illinois Tech and gaining hands-on experience through a part-time job. As he gets closer to achieving his dreams, Saber says he has City Colleges of Chicago to thank.

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, Saber was studying business at a four-year college. He wasn’t happy with the transition from in-person to online classes, so he left school. He began working at a UPS store, but the salary wasn’t great, and he wasn’t seeing any room for growth. That’s when Saber made the decision to return to school.

He decided on Wilbur Wright College because his father had attended as well. When Saber got to Wright, he met Associate Dean of the Engineering and Computer Science program Bridget O’Connell and Dean of the Engineering and Computer Science program Dr. Doris Espiritu. Associate Dean O’Connell and Dr. Espiritu told Saber about Wright’s engineering program and the doors the guaranteed transfer pathways could open for him—providing him a spot at top colleges and universities as a junior.

“I will never forget what Dr. Espiritu said to me,” Saber shared. “She said, ‘An engineer can be a businessman, but a businessman can’t be an engineer.’ After that, I was convinced.”

Saber spent two years at Wright, where he focused on electrical and computer engineering. He was able to attend school at no cost due to financial aid, and got a job as a part-time work-study student in the IT department. Saber also joined student organizations that provided him with experience to add to his resume and networking opportunities, and he developed strong relationships with his professors. After graduating with high honors, he discovered a work-based learning opportunity that eventually turned into a part-time job.

Saber’s work as an intern at Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) began as a data analyst. He gathered data, learned how a website worked, and learned how to communicate effectively and break down complex topics. Saber impressed his bosses at CAI so much that he was offered a part-time job that he still holds today. He focuses on programming and website upgrades. Saber’s time at CAI has also led to close professional relationships like with Regional Director Richard Chandler. He hired Saber and continues to mentor him.

“The experience with CAI was very positive because they allowed me to put a foot in the door and get the experience in data analysis that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise,” Saber said. “I feel so lucky and fortunate to have that experience and to be able to execute and impress them so they can keep having me on.”

Saber is now a student at Illinois Tech and a recipient of a scholarship that pays almost 100% of his tuition thanks to the Wright Engineering Guaranteed Transfer Pathways program. City Colleges helped open doors for Saber that he says led to his job at CAI and his spot at Illinois Tech. He’s nothing but grateful.

"City Colleges was the best place I could go to get my associate. It was affordable, and it gave me this opportunity."

Saber Garibi