Robert Kerby turned his computer hobby into a career and an opportunity for lifelong learning after graduating from Wright College in 2015: “Since IT changes all the time you have to keep learning and getting more experience.”

Upon starting the internship with Accenture, Robert’s goal was to be part of the team, learn as much as possible and gain more responsibilities. During his internship, Robert drew upon his experience from his IT classes at Wright College: “All of the struggling I did in classes to troubleshoot my problems helped me out. Also, you have to work as a team and since we worked in teams in my classes, that also prepared me.”

In fact, Robert says that working as a team was one of his favorite parts of his internship and was a source of support to help him succeed and keep growing. He says he looks forward to learning from and supporting his team in his new full-time position as a Software Engineering Associate. In this role, Robert will be monitoring and supporting SAP program systems, among other responsibilities. “I help my team more and more every day because I try to take on new challenges and learn from my mistakes.”

In addition to thriving in his new position, Robert is also considering pursuing his bachelor’s degree in IT.