Growing up on the west side of Chicago, I knew I wanted to be a nurse. I also knew Malcolm X and UIC were two great schools that could help me achieve this dream. I knew they had strong academic reputations when it came to healthcare and nursing.

My plan was to complete my Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) after graduating from the registered nurse associate degree in nursing (RN ADN) program at Malcolm X College. When I was a student at Malcolm, I learned that I could earn an ADN and a BSN simultaneously through a partnership the college had with UIC. I was immediately interested. A BSN opens up more professional opportunities.

I am now proud to say because of Malcolm X College and UIC, I am a registered nurse working full-time for Chicago Public Schools as a Health Service Nurse. I coordinate the school’s health program and the delivery of services to students. I’m also a health resource to staff members and ensure the health and wellness of the school’s community.

I had a great experience in both programs. I learned the course content I needed to know to be successful on the job, I learned to write and communicate effectively and professionally, and my instructors were so helpful, supportive, and compassionate.