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Learns about Weekend Warriors

Nathaniel begins taking classes at Daley College on the weekends.


Graduates from Daley

Nathaniel graduates with an associate degree in advanced manufacturing and secures a new job.


Decides to give back

Nathaniel goes from Daley College student to Daley College instructor.

From Daley College student to Daley College instructor, Nathaniel Bowers is enjoying his full circle moment.

One day while scrolling through Facebook, Nathaniel saw a friend post about taking classes at Daley College through the Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN). IMAN is a network that helps people access food, healthcare, jobs, education, and more. IMAN also has a partnership with Daley College called Weekend Warriors. Through the program, participants become full-time Daley College students who take classes on the weekends and have access to all Daley’s resources, including tutoring, career services, and the Wellness Center.

Even though Nathaniel had just earned his CDL license, he was interested in picking up another trade and welding piqued his interest. He signed up and immediately excelled in his advanced manufacturing classes, connecting with his instructors who are industry professionals, and building his experience in the field. He started the program in June 2021 and graduated in May 2022 with an associate degree in advanced manufacturing. Now, Nathaniel is the lead welder at the multimedia movie company Screenworks.

“Daley exposed me to the kind of opportunities that were available out there and gave me space to explore a new career field,” Nathaniel said.

In addition to a new career field, Nathaniel also has a new title: Advanced Manufacturing Instructor at Daley College.

“I’m young and youthful,” he said “I look just like the guys coming in. I know I can have a huge impact. Giving back is always a big thing for me. I love full-circle moments.”

Before graduating, Nathaniel decided he wanted to become an instructor at Daley. He strives to not only teach but to inspire his students and encourage them to not let fear hold them back from trying something new. He’s able to do all that and more as an instructor, mentor, and positive example to his students.

“The highest act we can do in this world is inspire,” Nathaniel said.