Veterans Services Specialist Marcus Williams El is a proud Harold Washington College alumnus and a U.S. Army veteran with years of experience supporting fellow veterans. His unique background makes him the ideal person to assist Harold Washington veterans in understanding their benefits and transitioning to civilian student life.

For the past decade, Marcus has excelled in his role as Veterans Services Specialist, showing a deep commitment to his students and a passion for his work.

“Leaving the military, there’s no book on how to access your benefits,” Marcus shared. “I take my experiences and the knowledge that I’ve gained and pour that into my students.”

One of his notable achievements was forming a strong bond with Harold Washington graduate Lyric Johnson. As a mentor, he connected her with valuable resources such as the Progressive Keys to Progress program. This led to her winning a new car when she needed it most.

Marcus’ dedication has made a significant impact on the lives of many veterans at Harold Washington College. It’s the very reason why he is a 2024 Luminary Award winner.