Learning the language and the logic of programming

At the age of 21, Star Scholar Kamron Southall is not only graduating from Harold Washington College with an Associate Degree in Computer Science, he has landed a full-time job at JPMorgan Chase & Co after a year-long apprenticeship.

Always interested in computers, Kamron said he learned “the language and the logic of programming” in his classes, and was able to directly apply that to his work at Chase as he learned other programming language on the job. One of five City Colleges students to land an apprenticeship in the spring of 2019, he was hired on full-time as a software engineer just a year later, as he earned his associate degree.

“This was such a good opportunity because I was part of a team. I got to deal with the things computer engineers deal with every day,” he said, “I was in the corporate world, working with people in the field. It’s something more students should have the opportunity to do.”

Kamron plans on transferring to complete his bachelor’s degree after he spends some time focused on transitioning to his new full-time job.