Olive-Harvey College student Grace Sheahan wants to be the first in her family to graduate high school, go to college, and find a career that will afford her upward mobility. That’s why she decided to return to school to prepare for her Illinois High School Diploma exam.

Having left high school after a series of hardships, Grace’s return to the classroom hasn’t been easy. After enrolling in free Adult Education classes, she experienced a health scare and surgery. However, it’s all worth it to her because she is now inspiring other family members to return to school. She’s also inspiring her peers and the staff at Olive-Harvey by volunteering her free time to work in the Wellness Center and the on-campus food pantry.

“It gives me a sense of gratitude,” she says about her volunteer efforts.

Grace aspires to be even more involved at Olive-Harvey. She used to run track in high school and wants to compete on the track team again. After earning her high school diploma, Grace wants to begin her studies for a career in child development or criminal justice.

One thing is for sure, Grace is not done being an Olive-Harvey student. She plans to pursue a college degree at the school, too.