As Edgar interns with One Summer Chicago, an internship he found out about through City Colleges of Chicago, he ponders the last couple of years.

It’s been a whirlwind for him.

Originally from the Southwest Side of Chicago, he graduated from John Hancock High School in 2021 with an interest in engineering and STEM related classes. Growing up, Edgar was never sure how he would pay for college but knew he would figure it out.

It also helped that Edgar liked school, so he studied hard, got good grades, and thankfully earned the Star Scholarship which allowed him to attend Daley College for no cost to him or his parents.
Fast forward two years, and he is walking down the aisle in the spring of 2023 to receive his Associate Degree in Engineering Science from Richard J. Daley College.

And it gets even better.

“I thought I would earn my associate degree in engineering science and get a job. That’s it. I never even thought about pursing a bachelor’s degree in my field of study until my advisor and one of my professors assured me, I could do the work and they let me know about all the scholarships available to me.”

Edgar would go on to apply and receive the CME’s Group Star Scholarship Award.

“As a first-generation college student, I am grateful for this scholarship, which helps relieve the financial burden of paying for college, so I can focus on my education. I also think it’s tremendous that CME Group believes in supporting the students at City Colleges,” shared Edgar with CME Group leadership.

Edgar was also awarded the RSM Power Your Transition Community College Scholarship.

“Together, these two scholarships are helping me go to a great college, Illinois Tech. I’m so grateful for the advisors and professor at Daley College. They really listened to me, and helped me,” said Edgar. “Daley College is helping me shape my life to what I want it to be, and for that and my family, I’m so grateful.”