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Wednesday April 26, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Virtual Event; Online Only

Federal Agency Spotlight Series: Federal Air Marshals

Every week, the City Colleges of Chicago Career Center will spotlight career opportunities available to City Colleges students at different federal agencies.

Join us virtually on April 26th for a session with Federal Air Marshals! The session will provide an in-depth look and understanding of Air Marshal’s mission, the variety of career paths the agency offers, as well as practical insights into the federal application process.

Please use the Zoom link provided to register.

Within the federal government, there are many opportunities for career growth, development, and advancement with competitive pay and great benefits. These spotlight sessions will serve as opportunities to learn more about specific federal agencies and share information on how to stand out as a candidate.

This is the last of our Federal Agency Spotlight series for this term, but we’ll have some additional ones in the fall – stay tuned!