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Growing up, Guadalupe Rojas-Gonzalez saw her dad find success at Daley College. She chose to do the same and graduated as valedictorian.

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Luis Martinez was a strong student in high school, and college was always in the cards for him. However, he hadn't considered a community college until a scholarship opportunity led him to choose City Colleges.

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After 16 years away from the classroom, Aerin Emilee Miller decided to go back to school to make a career change. She graduated as valedictorian.

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Harold Washington College student Ajanee Holmes is getting ready to build her career in the architecture field.

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Before starting her higher education journey at Malcolm X College, Tanya de Chavez’s biggest hurdle was overcoming her own fear to return to school. Now, she’s inspiring others to follow her lead.

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My story begins in a small Brazilian town under the shadow of a past dictatorship. Growing up, I witnessed the struggle for freedom and the economic hardships that affected my family.

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